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  • Motorsports Career?

    ANDY or anybody else for that matter. I am wondering what kinds of oppurtunities are there for careers in the motorsports industry? I am perticularly interested in welding for a chassis manufacturer or working in a race shop for nascar or any other racing. What are the chances of me finding a job? I have been welding for the past 4 years and have taken welding in high school, BOCES and now college. My school also offers a one year certificate program in motorsports technology. whould this class be benificial and worth the MONEY to take?
    Any help would be great. thank you


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    Any intro to motorsports fab is helpful! Depending where you are located, there usually are a few race chassis manufacturing companies around. Building chassis is a lot more work than just welding tubes together. It's figuring bend radius and tube length, fabrication and assembly of bolt on parts. A good starting spot would be one of these local chassis shops where you can gain some experience, then move South to some bigger companies. The Midwest has quite a few chassis fab companies as well. Make a resume and start shooting it to all these people. Even helping a local guy at the race track can gain you some valuable experience.