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Starting from the ground up what do I need to mig weld SS

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  • Starting from the ground up what do I need to mig weld SS

    I'm a structural steel welder used to welding with .075 flux core wire and 100% co2 gas.Now I want to start making custom SS automotive parts but I'm not sure what I need to get started.

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    You will want a TIG for those parts. I am afraid a MIG isn't going to give you the look you want...Bob
    Bob Wright

    Spool Gun conversion. How To Do It. Below.


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      Not so concerned with looks as I am with strength.For example I have an idea for making a custom front k-member and I want to make it out of SS tubing.I want the welds to be as strong as possible because an on the road fail would be really bad.One problem I have is no tig experience all I know is mig is it possible to mig weld this project or should I hold off until I learn to tig weld.


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        mig ss

        it is possible to weld ss using mig. the thickness of the stainless is the key to your answer. if is is thin,like 1/8 or 3 mm,then tig is perfered.
        there are different grades of ss as well. so the wire should match up. the material thickness will deside, your wire size used.
        in using mig ss wire for welding you may also use a push weld. that is, if your right handed move the nozzel right to left at about.10 to 15 degrees.
        in mig, different gases like blue shield 8 or argon maybe better?
        the best thing to do is take a course in stainless steel welding.


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          You can use mig or tig depending on the exact application. Maybe you can design/fit/jig & just hire someone to tig if that's the route you want to take.

          Be aware that if you plan on fabricating & selling "on road" parts the insurance will be very high if you can even get any being a one man operation.
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            Well is seems that I have a lot more research to do and training It was a cool idea but now talking about I don't think I'm ready to start gathering materials until I learn more...thanks for the advice everyone