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Miller XMT 304 CC

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  • Miller XMT 304 CC

    I am new to welding. I acquired a Millermatic 175 and can do basic mig.

    I have a Miller XMT 304 cc. Not a cc/cv.

    I am hooking it to a 220 line with a 50 amp breaker. I assume this is adaquate for basic stick welding.

    That is my question. Will the 50 circuit be ok? I do not plan on using it at max.

    Any thoughts or ideas are welcome.


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    According to the owner's manual, it requires 47 amps. A 50 amp breaker ought to be just fine.


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      Setting on the Miller 304 cc

      Ok. Now what are the basic settings for the Miller XMT 304 CC. I am going to weld on a front bucket on a backhoe. Repair work. I split the corner and need to repair.

      I have not used the 304 and need to determine the proper settings.


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        I have never used one, but there should be some starting settings listed in the manual.


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          Make sure when you power it up ( Wiring the plug ) When hooking it up to single phase you do not use the red wire.

          Set the machine on panel verses remote ( Remote is for changing your amps with a remote that you dont need.

          And set it to arc weld and you should be fine.


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            I would use this online weld calculator to find a good starting point for your weld settings.