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switch machine from tig to stick

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  • LoganJarrett29
    started a topic switch machine from tig to stick

    switch machine from tig to stick

    how do i turn my machine over from tig to stick? I have an older miller syncrowave AC/DC 250 powersource.

  • welding insp.48
    tig to stic or stick to tig

    you have an older machine?you may have a switch that you can change?if not dcsp works for tig and dcrp for stick. steel or stainless.
    open the bottom front cover. remember that the( tig torch) must be on negitive and ground positive.
    in dcep the electrial flow is fron the machine to your tungsten and crossed a gap,this is called arc. however: for aluminum welding you don't have to change your polarity at all,because you should have an hf- ac switch on your machine?
    in ac hf, the current changes dcrp to dcsp back and forth.normally 120 times a cycle. a ball will from on the tungsten,this is what it should do. use 100% pure tungsten electrode.
    thickness of material, will deside- your amps.thin low ,thick high.
    good luck and take your time.

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  • zachary kling
    Depending on the rod and application, and this is from memory (not looking at my machine right now)....

    Polarity (DCEP), switch pointing straight up

    Crater time --> off (for starters)
    Amperage control --> panel
    Output contactor --> ON
    High Frequency --> off (middle position)
    Post flow -- Off / NA
    Arc contol --> off (for starters)

    Connect ground clamp to left stud (facing machine), connect stinger to right stud.
    Caution, when power is on and machine set to output contactor "on" power will be present at the leads at all times.

    I would highly suggest you download the manual for your machine. It is here on the miller site. It will go into great detail as to what each parameter does and how it will affect the arc characteristics.
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  • Sberry
    Has it got a polarity switch?

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