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Bernard wire feed guns

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  • Bernard wire feed guns

    Which model is best for running stainless beads ?

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    bernard guns

    like most mis guns,the amp size is related to the materials your welding.
    so go to the basic question. what am i welding?.
    what thinkness is it?
    what wire size am i useing?
    at high amps or volts ,your gun maybe required to be water cooled?
    then you will zero in on maybe a bernard 300/400?

    the guns are very good ,and i have use them menny years.
    word of causion: do not twist or kink a mig gun cable. the wire may get stuck,even for a second. this will cause the wire to come off on you drive rolls and you will think that the problem is something else. so be carefull.

    one thing else. antie-splatter. spray some on you wire. this will not in any way hurt your gun and will alow smoth travel by the wire, in side your cable,get rid of dirt that naturally is picked up during your welding. .


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        Bernard wire feed guns

        I'll be welding on 12" sched 10 ,316 stainless
        .030 or .035 hard wire on the bead and .035 or .045 Dual shield on the cap .
        Thanks for the input 48 !


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          I have had Bernards for years. Go tweco?
          Syncrowave 250
          Millermatic 210
          dialarc 250
          spectrum 375x
          trailblazer 302
          Lincoln 135


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            Bernard wire feed guns

            I will check it out thanks 48


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              Look on ebay. I bought one for just over $100.00. Nice gun


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                Bernard wire feed guns

                Right on thanks Ray !


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                  I love my Q300 the swivel neck is super nice. I have never used a tweeco gun so i cant say which is better but Bernards are nice guns


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                    Bernard wire feed guns

                    Thanks for the input ,metalwork !!
                    I will check it out !