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Weld test/interview?

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  • Weld test/interview?

    Hi i am new to this forum and i have a question about a weld test/interview.
    I recently sent a email to a fab company in my area asking if they had any mig welding positions available. The last time i have welded was 5 years ago as a union worker. I welded for that company for 2 years before i moved to a new city. I have since been doing landscaping and window cleaning in the summer with family and using my pay and a inheritance in the winters to get by. Now i want to get back in to welding.

    I recievd a email back saying they do not have any work today but that can change tomorrow. They asked if i can stop in for a weld test/interview i have not called them back yet to set it up. I wanted to know what should i wear and do i have to have my own gear? I only have timberland nubuck boots or old brown steel tip boots, jeans and hoodies i was thinking of wearing. I do not have my weld boots, gloves, tools or my hood anymore but i would buy everything if i got the job. Also i am a little worried about taking a weld test after not welding in five years even tho my welds were always good. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

    Thank You,
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    Weld test/interview?

    You can't buy a cheep pair of gloves and borrow a hood and jacket? I would bring a basic bag of tools and PPE. I don't know exactly the company and what there are going to expect or exactly what the position being filled is.
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      All places I have done a weld test for have supplied me with the gear to do the test. I would at least wear boots, jeans and a long sleeve shirt just in case they don't provide a jacket or sleeves. They should at least have some gloves and a hood you can use. I would just ask them about it when u set up the interview.


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        weld test

        First be honest with them up front. How many years you been welding. Most important how long you have been out of it. That way your inspector does not judge you wrong. Most of the time they will let you run a few practice beads. To kinda see if you look like you have a idea what your doing. Also when taking a weld test go as prepared as possible to do the job. Welding test that is. If you don't have a hood some will loan One some won't. Dress appropriate jeans shirt boots so on. Remember your the one wanting the job. There are probably a few more wanting it as well.
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          Every company will most likely be different. The first shop I worked at they would set the machine (stick) at zero & give you two or three different size/type rods & ask you to run a few beads with each. So you had to know what amps to run, etc.

          I agree with previous comments, jeans, boots, long shirt, borrow a helmet & gloves. Find somebody with a welder if you can & try to practice some. Be honest, clean cut & polite.
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            Where do you live?


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              Tape measure on belt, marker in pocket. If it was Ironworkin would have a 12 inch adjustable in back pocket, if it was pipe fitting would be a 12 inch channeloks haha
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                If you are in the field at all learn to stand around yakking on the cell phone looking important explaining to someone why the job cant get done. Ha, ok, well if they want to take a look go ahead, doesnt sound like you have much to lose and if they were not interested at all you would have got a rejection, dont bother etc but they ask you back.


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                  Thanks to everyone who responded i appreciate it very much. I could go out now and buy a hood ect for the test but i would rather wait to see if i get the job. I will just be honest with the foreman when i call Monday to set up the test/interview and tell him i do not have my hood/gear anymore due to the fact i have not mig welded in a few years. As far as the weld test goes he said in the email it will consist of a simple mig welding test so i assume it will not be that bad. I am just a little worried because i have not had any practice in years hopefully i will pick it right back up.


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                    you can dress up for the dance,but if you can't dance, your dance maybe a short one? what i mean is,,,your weld test maybe short.
                    you have been away from it for five years. there must be a trade school near?maybe you have a friend that can help you?
                    the best thing is find out the weld procedure your going to do. then work on being ready for the test. it will take some time,or would you like to fail.
                    i had an old welder friend tell me one thing,there is no bluffing it on the job. he was right.
                    i been around a long time in the welding industry,do it right or be history. sorry but, i'm not kidding.