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Can't figure it out!!! CP 300

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  • Can't figure it out!!! CP 300

    I work as a heavy equipment mechanic and we have a CP 200 and CP 300. The 200 seems to have died. It is putting out a little over 32v at two of the transformers but only 6v at the bottom transformer. The brushes are good and not binding and I don't seem to have a broken connection that I can find. Any thoughts?? We also have the CP 300 that we pulled out of storage. I'm sure it may have mor problems but right off the bat the contactor switch will not close when the trigger is pulled. It has an S-22A attached. Both are wired for 460v 3 phase. By the way I am not an expert with 3 phase or with high voltage so feel free to treat me like a dummy when it comes to help. Any thought would be helpful.

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    ok. So now the feeder to the cp 300 has 120v and feeds like it is supposed to. Now I can weld with .035 and .045 wire but right now the voltage has to be set at max to get a nice clean weld with about 160 to 180 inch per min wire speed. Not sure if the machine has sat for so long that it just needs to work it self back in or not....... Any ideas????