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    I just picked up a Thermal Arc T-Bird 10 / 270 HE yesterday. It runs OK, needs a tune up since it likes the choke right now. That's OK, its a honda, I think I can make it work. It welds fine and the 120 outlets work, haven't tested the 240 or 3 phase outlets yet.

    I do have a couple questions for somebody familiar with this welder:

    1) Can somebody point me to a chart with year vs serial #? I'm guessing late 90's.
    2) Auto idle doesn't work - full speed only. Anything to look for first?
    3) I came across a statement on one of the forums something like this "the dreaded ends in "c" serial #". I'm curious what the issue is?
    4) I understand (thanks to Cruizer's past posts) that the "microwindings" can fry under heavy continuous welding load. Would it be just as bad if I was running my XMT 350 (using the 460V aux output) under the same welding conditions?
    5) Can I use a Miller pedal / remote / etc on this machine? What about my 8rc wirefeeder? I probably won't need to since I have the XMT, but it would be nice to know.
    6) Any other issues or PM measures I don't know about?

    Thanks for your time.

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    What you have to do first is remove the control board and add dielectric grease to the connector pins. T-arcs reasoning was that no one else was doing it so why should they. Well. every brand now does it. And that cost T-dyne a butt load of failed boards. May also be why your auto idle isn't working, though really there wasn't much difference between high and low anyways.
    Yep everything Miller fits it
    Its a pure sinewave generator, Your XMT will work fine off it.

    Honestly though Use it as a part time welder, or full time generator. It'll last a long time in this format.