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buying tig torch for XMT304 online - what is 2 pin connector used for in some torchs

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  • buying tig torch for XMT304 online - what is 2 pin connector used for in some torchs

    Hi folks,

    I have searched and read some posts for recommendations for a tig torch for the XMT304, but still have questions.

    - 1st off, i realize it is DC only and am just looking to practice tig on some mild steel and eventually stainless.
    - Have bottle of argon I use with push pull setup on aluminum
    - looking for something like a 17V with gas valve on torch as 304 does not have solenoid / gas connections
    - Was not planning on getting foot or hand control yet (which would pulg into 14 pin connector on welder) - juts planning to play around setting voltage on welder panel

    Believe I can use a 2 cable type which has separate cable for power and gas. But some on ebay (from China) come with what looks like a Dinse power connector, gas connect and a 2 pin connector. What is this 2 pin connector and will it work without it? Planning on using lift start tig feature.

    I think I could also use one of the single cable torches and then use one of the various power block types to separate gas cable out to bottle. But, then think I would have to braze on a dinse connector to the power block as well to connect to welder.

    Any advice on if this 2 pin connector is an issue, or what the best way to set up for Tig woudl be appreciated. As well, are the Chinese ones Ok for playing around or better to get new or used Weldcraft or other brand?

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    I have no clue what the two pin connector is but you should be able to use it, lets face it the torch is essentially a cable for the power and a hose for the gas.

    You are correct that you can use a torch with separate power cable or an adapter block on a single lead torch. Personally I'd stick with a new or used brand name torch. Who knows what the knock offs use for consumables, how long they last, where you can get more and for how long. No point having a torch that you can no longer get parts for.
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      buying tig torch for XMT304 online - what is 2 pin connector used for in some torchs

      How many amp torch u looking for ? I might have something that will work fot you


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        Thanks for the replies. Thinking 150A. Sure, feel free to PM me with what you have!
        My closest LWS didn't really sound interested in ordering much in, but I know their really experienced guy left them, so I think thye prefer selling plug and play stuff for newer equipment.
        But another really experienced LWS, about an hour away has a sew 17V torches and power blocks in stock, and I have to head in that way in a couple of weeks anyway.