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  • Pulser

    Hey guys ! New to this forum. I have a old Miller syncrowave 300 that I want to designate for aluminum only. I am a big fan of pulsing but my 300 don't have that option. In my literature for the welder there is part #'s for 003 265 ( Factory pulser ) and 003 266 ( Field Kit pulser ). I guess I don't really care what I get to get this done whether its made by Miller or aftermarket just need to see what's out there if anything. Seen older posts on here for an Oakden setup but I cant find them. Thank you for any help ! Kevin

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    I am in the same boat as you. I have a 351 syncrowave. You need a pc-300 in line pulser. Of course Miller no longer makes it so E-Bay is where to look they come around every blue moon 300-400 bucks, I have a large welding repair place looking for internal kit for mine. If you have a welder repair place maybe a good place to go ask, Good Idea to buddy up to them as parts are sometimes hard to find.


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      Do you have a pc 300? Just curious on how well they work. Thanks for the advise and help !


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        Why do you want to pulse while tigging alum?

        Are you trying to mimick the function of a foot control?
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          I weld up a lot of aluminum valve covers and oil pans for race motors and I always done it with my 350 LX with the pulse to imitate the fab covers and pans that Dan Olsen, Moroso and others make. Everybody wants the row of nickels look. I can get that with the pulse option. I need to do that with the 300 so I can leave the 350 for steel and SS and to be honest I'm just not good enough to do it myself with the foot pedal and make it look good.