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Carbon build in heating tips!

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  • Carbon build in heating tips!

    Hi All,
    My first time on here, glad to be here. I work in a "communal" shop and need some advice on how to clean the carbon build up out of a medium size Victor heating tip. The tip is 11 inch long over all and has 6 holes in the end (just for reference).
    I believe, that people who come through the shop and use the tip when I am out are turning the oxygen off first and letting the acetylene burn back. I know that I always add a touch of oxy when I light the torch and turn down both gases before turning off the acetylene first. However, I am still seeing substantial carbon build up within the feeder tube of the tip. from one end to the other.
    First question: Am I doing something wrong, or missing something?
    Second question: Any good ideas of how to get the carbon out of the inside of a tip like this? I am unscrewing the tip head, and using bottle brushes, and pipe cleaners, and tip cleaners where ever they work and blowing the carbon out with compressed air. Any thoughts??