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purchasing first mig welder looking at Miller 211 or 212 or 212 Help Comments Request

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  • purchasing first mig welder looking at Miller 211 or 212 or 212 Help Comments Request

    I am looking for input on which Miller Mig welder would be best for my operation usage.
    After reading about the various Mig welders available I have decided on three options, all Miller Mig welders the 212 or 212 or 252.
    I weld mostly 1/4 inch and under steel with a some time event of 3/8 or 1/2 inch thick plate, the thick plate are not long weld seams I will say 6 inches long.
    I fabricate construction machines for my own use.
    Next project is a gravel screen to be built out of 3x3x1/4 inch steel tubing.
    Another project is a root rake to be built out of 1 inch thick steel for the teeth that contact the ground they will be welded to a 5x5x1/2 inch steel tube.
    And the ordiniary repairs of heavy construction equipment, technical critical welding is hired out.
    I have used the Miller 350P Mig welder an I find it a very nice machine but do not want to spent the $4,300 for one.
    I have read some of the posts referencing these machines.

    A couple of posts have referenced that the Miller 252 has a mushy weld bead, what are they trying to communicate? As I am looking at maybe purchasing a MM252 please comment on what they are communicating.

    As I recall it was communicated the 252 is not as liked as the machine it replaced the 250, why would that be?

    Is the main difference between the 211 and 212 the duty cycle?
    I never have had a problem with the Thunderbolt stick welder duty cycle even if it has one, is the duty cycle a problem with the MIG welders, and the ones I am looking at?

    I do not weld much so the size of spool used 4 inch or 8 inch or what ever size is of no major concern.

    The MM211 & MM212 have a max size wire of .035 of steel wire and the MM252 has .045 for steel wire, whats the benefit of using .045 over .035 there is not much of a difference as between 1/8 and 5/32 or 1/4 inch stick rods?

    What is the difference in the guns that come with the machines the MM211 has the M-100 with 10 foot cord and the MM212 & MM252 have the M-25 with 15 foot cord, whats the difference and what would work best for me?

    Both the MM211 & MM212 are rated for up to 3/8 inch steel, will they weld 1/2 steel plate or angle iron when the bead seam is a short length; say 3 inches long or 6 inches long?

    Which is easiest to use for some one who is not a full time welder but has a limited time off and on with welding stick, after welding with the MM350P the Mig welders are a lot easier and make far better looking welds.

    My understanding is that the stick weld seam and Mig weld seam on same metal thickness are the same strength everything being the same the only difference being the welder is a stick or Mig; correct understanding?

    What do your say about this; I never had to tough the Thunderbolt welder for repairs, Migs look like they will at some point in time need attention, so should I purchase the Mig on line or through my local Miller vendor, also consideration that I have never owned a Mig welder you gives advise support on line (the web) supplier names phone numbers web sites appreciated.

    I am looking for a machine that will be around for say the next twenty years (limited usage), even if I am not.

    Hope some people reply to the several questions in this post.
    Thank you for your input.
    Burntside Bob

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    Lots of questions to answer. I'll make it short though. I own a 211. Nice machine for what it's capable of.

    You said: "I fabricate construction machines for my own use."

    I don't think the 211 is the machine for you.
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      purchasing first mig welder looking at Miller 211 or 212 or 212 Help Comments Request

      Use the 252 you have with flux core wire for 3/8 and above plate and buy the 211 and keep .035 wire in it for the smaller stuff.


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        The MM212 will cover what you need.
        Your rated material thicknesses are for single pass.
        As long as the operator performs the weld procedure correctly, there is no difference in the integrity of a stick weld vs. a mig weld.

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          Originally posted by BearM View Post
          Use the 252 you have with flux core wire for 3/8 and above plate and buy the 211 and keep .035 wire in it for the smaller stuff.
          He never said he owns a mig of any kind.

          From the sounds if it the 212 or 252 seem like what your after. The real advantages of the 211 ate its ability to run 110 or 220, and it is relatively portable. Sounds like you could use the extra duty cycle of the 212 at least, if not the added amps and larger duty cycle of the 252. As said, rated welds miller lists for a machine are in a single pass. The 212 or 252 would be up to the occasional 1/2" plate and would breeze through 1/4" all day long.


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            There's been many a posting on the 211 and 212. Duty cycle greater, larger wire spool,and on its own running gear for the 212.
            For what your are saying, don't mess around and get the 252. My local supplier
            price is only about 500.00 more for the 252.
            Might help posting your location. Prices vary on areas. There maybe a member close to you that would let you try his machine.