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Bluestar 185, amps wont adjust

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  • Bluestar 185, amps wont adjust

    Maybe its common, and an easy fix (so I hope). I have a blue star 185, that runs great. Problem is that it welds wide open (180+ amps) all of the time. It will not adjust. I have tested the rheostat and it seems to check out fine. Should I just replace it? Any one have any ideas? Can I get one from an appliance store, or does it have to be from miller? Has anyone else had this problem? I'll post serial # when I get home tomorrow.
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    So... I actually have (2) of these machines with the same problem. And actually, they are not 185's. They are both Bluestar 6000 machines.

    #1 serial# LE130118 stock# 903585
    #2 serial# LC533392 stock# 903584

    Any and all help would be appreciated.
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      I'm gonna try replacing the pc1 board this coming week.


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        Well, if anyone is following this, the problem ended up being the pc1 board. Miller wanted $4xx for a new board. I could get one from y supplier for $3xx. I found a guy in Miami that rebuilds them, he rebuilt it for $150!!!!! Got it back today, welder fired right up, and adjusted perfectly. All is well again. Im gonna send him the board for the other machine next week. PROBLEM SOLVED!!!!!


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          Miller gives you the suggested retail price and will not sell to anyone but distributor. That's why when you bought it from the distributor it was cheaper.