I had stupidly thought that Inverter welders would last just as long as the old style, meaning a life time if taken care of. Since there are no moving parts and if those parts were of industrial quality, I thought the high cost was worth the long life, it was a trap I think many have fallen into. I have recently discovered that they only have roughly a 12 year life, some say 20 years.
If I had purchased a welder of this style and was using it for a living, then the power savings would pay for the short lifetime, however those of us who purchased one for weekend and a few nights a week use are probably in for a an expensive surprise in the not too distant future. My Dynasty 200DX is four years old, it has only 42 hours use and a lot of that is stick use. I got a CST 280 so that I could use that for stick instead of using the DX, then a 211 for MIG.
So my concern is that the DX and CST have been a bad long term investment for me, choosing a lightweight portable option.
So those of you with more knowledge on this matter, would you please chip in on this matter.