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Spectrum 625 xtreme fan noise

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  • Spectrum 625 xtreme fan noise

    I just bought a Miller spectrum 625 xtreme and i noticed that when i go to shut off the unit the cooling fan kicks in and goes to what it seems like full RPM for a second or two before it shuts off. It will do this even if i turn the unit on and then off again without even cutting anything. Is this normal?

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    I think it is. Same behavior on my cst280 stick machine. Heck, If forget to power it off and the unplug it the fan will crank on for a couple seconds. I've also seen this with a 875 plasma.
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      My 875 does the samething. They told me that is normal. I have had this machine going on almost two years and it is awsome. Ask cruzier first he knows his s#%t.good luck


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        Yes. I have the 625. It's always done it. Even if I just turn it on and off again without using it. It also does it if I unplug it from the wall without turning the power switch off first.
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          thanks guys.


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            The fan turning on is normal. The unit uses the fan to bleed off the voltage stored on the bus capacitors.
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