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TIG: Dynasty 300DX - Problems

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  • TIG: Dynasty 300DX - Problems

    I have a '05 300DX
    Its been sitting for a while, not much use. Been stored while setting up new building / shop.

    I fired it up a few days ago and two things caught my attention.

    1. The little blue indicator that rotates was not rotating.
    2. The CoolMate3 was making a noise.

    anyone have suggestions?

    I'm thinking I need to take the torch head apart far as possible an clean it out. I think it may have debris clogging it. I have not done this before.
    Any tips?

    I have replaced fluid once sense I got the machine in '05.
    The fluid is as clear as the day I changed it out last.
    it should still be good right?

    Rogue Racing

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    I would change the fluid again. The last time i drained the coolant it was also clear however at the bottom of the tank was a bunch of grime. Fill it with water and run the cooler to flush everything out before filling with coolant.

    As far as the blue dial spinner; i had the same issue when i had my syncrowave 250dx. Cleaning out the tank fixed that issue. I guess dirt got in there and jammed the spinner.


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      I got it all working again.
      The fluid was slightly yellowish.
      I syphoned out the fluid, washed out the take with several water changes and a shop vac with a smaller vinyl hose attached.
      There were a lot of rust colored practicals in the bottom of the coolant tank.

      The torch lines were really clogged!!!!
      I used a water drinking bottle with a small brass fitting screwed into the top of the bottle cap. This fitting had a small barb to attach a small clear vinyl line to.
      I connected the vinyl line to the red coolant return lines barb an set the bottle upside down one the welder cart.
      The bottle was half full of acetone.
      I took the other line(blue) and blew compressed air into it at the end normally connected to the machine.
      BTW.. The tip torch was hung up at the ceiling to help use gravity as well during this cleaning process.
      By blowing compressed air into the blue line towards the torch, it started to loosen up the crud stuck in the lines.
      The pressure also went back down the red line towards the plastic bottle with the acetone. When the bottle pressurized with air, being upside down it then forced the acetone up the red line to the torch.
      now this wasn't a one shot clean out, I had to work the acetone back & worth with air pressure until debris started coming out.
      some of it was like small solid partials and some with air pressure just used out like mud.
      I had to change out the acetone a few times but only full the plastic drinking bottle 1/4 to half each time leaving room for air.
      it took some work but the lines a clog free now and the little blue indicator wheel is spinning like a top again.

      Note: the blue indicator wheel is driven by return coolant from the red line. IF there is a restriction or a clog in the return side, this will effect the spin rate of the blue indicator wheel.
      I ran water thru the system for an hours time then drained it and put low conductivity coolant in as recommended by Miller.

      Dynasty 300DX ready to rock once again!!!!!!!


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        I'm surprised acetone didn't melt anything in your torch, hoses, water pump or water reservoir.

        You've got more guts than me! I might have used detergent or alcohol but acetone? No way!


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          Oh no, didn't run acetone thru the machine. Don't think that's a good idea.
          i just used it to clean the torch lines.
          i wouldn't leave the acetone sitting in there either.
          The torch lines are buna ruber and brass pieces so it should be fine for cleaning.
          Acetone is a slightly abrasive liquid and has effect when left sitting in or on things.
          The tank & machine were flushed with regular tap water the a shop vac was used to extract it all.
          New glycol coolant recommended by Miller was use.