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Chicago W31 Pan and Box Brake

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  • Chicago W31 Pan and Box Brake

    Got an opportunity to purchase a Chicago W31 Pan and Box Brake. The unit had been media blaster and powder coated. Alll of the fingers are there and in very good shape. I'm not sure what to offer. Does anyone have any idea what would be a fair price to offer? I did a google search and have seen anything from $1200 - $2300, but not this nice looking. I'm sure the old iron like this is still better than any of the import stuff you can buy now.....
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    Thats a nice one. We had the exact smae one except well used and dirty. I am sure it would bring a grand or more. The good old stuff is getting harder to find...Bob
    Bob Wright

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      I have one, paid a grand for it. Only thing wrong was missing the 2" finger. I dissassembled it had it blasted and repainted it.

      I would say that one would go for 1,500.
      Ebay is the best place to look for what stuff sells for.
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        I was thinking around $1500 but wasn't sure. I'll have to see I guess - Thanks for the info!