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    I am a hobbiest/garage welder and I picked up a pair of +3 cheater glasses from CVS and used them for the first time this weekend.

    All I have to say is HOLY CRAP I can't believe what I can now see and what I was missing before. Magnification should be included standard in the helmet lenses.

    Things like being able to see the puddle melt down into the V on a T-joint and seeing the tungsten melt and drip when I had the amperage too high....amazing sights.

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    You don't have to sell me. I use a #2 reading glassed over a #2 mag insert in the hood.
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      **** of a difference isn't it? I had the same experience. A whole new world opened up after I stuck a 1.5 in my Digital Elite.
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        Hi all, one thing you have to be carefull with, the lenses in off the shelf reading specs are both the same strength which means if your eyes are at different focuses due to eye deterioration from age or whatever, you'll get eye strain and at worst one eye will stop seeing the job and make the other eye work overtime.

        Before you indulge in any $5 reading specs, have your eyes tested for deterioration and if you want to go cheap you can always then get cheap reading specs from the bargain shops.


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          I use a 2.5. I would say the glass lens is better than the plastic lens. Glass doesn't scratch when you need to clean it.
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