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  • weld spatter

    I'm running a mm 252 and I feel like there is a ton more spatter with this machine than then the delta 452 I ran at my old shop. I've got it set to the specs the machine and the miller weld app have called out. I also seem to be getting a ton more spatter inside my hood and it's burning the heck out of my face. Any ideas or suggestions?

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    .035 solid wire? c25 gas? Are you using any anti-spatter spray or nozzle dip? Mild steel welding? What is your gas flow rate? Seems like i get more splatter when my settings are a little off. Have you tried anything to reduce splatter?
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      Does it change when you turn down the wire feed a tad?...Bob
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        Straight co2 will give tons of spatter. Switch to a mix and there will be virtually none. I've also found that you get more spatter with angle iron, etc. than you do with plate or tube.


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          Its not "Splatter", its "SPATTER" :-)


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            weld spatter

            Spatters are little drops and Splatter is used to mean huge drops like enough to teave a smear or a huge mess. Like u splatter paint on a canvass and when someone talks they spatter.
            Splatter- Huge mess
            Spatter- Little mess

            This was taken from Yahoo best answers

            So was it SPLATTER or SPATTER you are trying to describe?

            You should check your stick out, Millermatics like a short stick out, less than 1/2 inch.


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              weld spatter

              You will need to find the sweet spot on your welder, they r all different and I don't think I've ever run one at the recommended setting. That is only a starting point or ball park setting.
              Try getting scrap metal same thickness, set to app. setting then start welding. Wile welding turn wire speed up or down probably down. Watch and listen try to get a sizzling bacon sound and your spatter should reduce to normal. You will know it when u find it. It's what I call dialing the welder in. Write down the setting then do it again at one volt higher & lower then for different metal thickness, keep them till u use the welder long enough to know the setting by memory. hope it helps.