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How long has your Dynasty 200 series run trouble free?

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  • How long has your Dynasty 200 series run trouble free?

    I'm never one to buy things when they first hit the shelf since I don't like being the test guinea pig finding out all the problems the designers didn't. Sure as I buy it, they make a new and improved version that fixes the issues.

    I was just wondering how many years the Dynasty 200 series has been around?

    I hear a lot about the longevity of the inverter designs being an issue and was wondering what their typical life span can be?

    If you have a Dynasty that has not had an issue please post how old it is.

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    Introducing the Dynasty 200 (April 2003)
    Miller stuff:
    Dialarc 250 (1974)
    Syncrowave 250 (1992)
    Spot welder (Dayton badged)


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      Originally posted by USMCPOP View Post
      Introducing the Dynasty 200 (April 2003)
      Wow, so this will be 10 years for the Dynasty 200 Series this spring.

      That is great news to hear they have been around that long. Plenty of time to work the bugs out.


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        I borrowed my friends 200 for 2 years until I bought my own two years ago. His being 4 years old now and mine 2 years old, not one problem. I bought mine because he does not take care of his.
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          Dynasty 200 - 5 years and not a problem.
          Maxstar 150 - 7 years and not a problem, I push it hard just to see how much it can take. It has overheated a few times and shuts off but always comes back on after it cools off. I once got it so hot it melted the connecter on the back power switch and wouldnt turn on. I thought I fried it, did a check with a volt meter found the problem ordered a new switch and back in business.
          My XMT 350's have been problem free also.
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            How long has your Dynasty 200 series run trouble free?

            Don't know if this help I have a Maxstar 150 from 03. 10 hard years of use.
            Never Satisfied

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              I have a 200dx that has to be around 10 years old. It has an LC7 serial number. It has seen light to medium usage, and has always been covered in a heated shop. Most of it's usage has been on 3 phase. No problems yet...