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Hole punching machines.

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  • Hole punching machines.

    Hi, I'm struggling to find a machine/press to punch 25mm/1 inch holes at 8 inch intervals. The steel is 50mm box steel for power racks. I've been drilling them by hand but its very time consuming.
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    Get a drill press, Punching will only crush the tube unless you have some very special machinery, The average iron worker cannot punch tube.


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      Hole saw and a drill press...Bob
      Bob Wright


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        High speed milling bit and machine works great too.


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          hougen roto broach

          If the tube wall thickness is 3/8" (10mm) or less, the Hougen 1" roto broach on mandrel, SLOWest SPEED WITH CUTTING OIL in drill press ( as sold in their electrician's kit) will be faster, more accurate and outlast a twist drill or hole saw--every time. You can buy the mandrel and the cutter separately from distributors.

          These are the shallow depth roto broaches--not the full size, mag drill broaches.
          I've used hougen cutters extensively for 22 years.
          The reason some pro shops don't use them is, of course, that they're too cost effective.


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            Use a mag drill. And jig it up.
            Miller Bobcat 225NT onan
            Millermatic 211
            Spoolmate 100
            (Retapped to fit regular mig tips)
            Work better & less parts to stock.
            Miller 130xp
            T/A Dragster 85 (portability 11 pounds)
            Oxygen/Acetylene torch set 50'
            2. 4-1/2" grinders
            1. 9" grinder
            14" Makita chop saw
            1/2" Aircat impact gun 900#


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              Guys thanks very much, I'm going to use every method I can afford! Thank you again.


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                this is all you need

                Miller 350P
                Miller Econotig
                Milwaukee Dry saw
                Evolution Dry saw (for sale)
                Scotchman 350 cold saw
                7x12 bandsaw
                1910 ATW 14 x 72 lathe
                fridge full of adult beverages
                Sirius radio

                callouses and burns a plentysigpic


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                  i would love to see a video of how that death trap works