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Cutting and welding Dexter torsion axle?

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  • Cutting and welding Dexter torsion axle?

    I just baught a dexter 3500# torsion axle from a friend. I want to use it for a smoker trailer, but the axle is too long. Can i cut and shorten the axle? I did read a few articles saying the rubber does not run the whole length of the axle, just from each end in a few feet. This axle is made for a 80" frame. The smoker tank is 30" wide and I want to keep the tank close as possible to center. So at 60" I would have 15" on each side from smoker tank to side of trailer. This way I can reach the doors. I dont even know is I can take 20" out of the axle.? any help is appreciated. Thanks, Joe

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    I never cut that type of axle although I was at a scrap yard and saw an axle that was cut on the one end and the rubber was hanging out about 10 inches. It had caught my eye because I never seen that type of axle before. Good luck.


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      Having never cut one of these apart myself I would proceed like this. Mark out where you want to cut. I'm assuming you want to take a section out of the center? Drill a hole where your cut line is & see/probe if there is anything there. If not cut away. If there is then just plug weld the hole & sell it off.

      If you do cut it, I would put an internal sleeve at the joint for strength. Just remember that trailer axles are usually cambered slightly.
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        I've done what you are wanting. Except I made mine wider. The rubber only extents 12" -16" into the square tube. I cut at the center. Grew the width and reinforced the tube. Make sure that you weld in sections to keep the heat at a minimum. And away from the torsion rubbers.
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