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180SD burning a hole through my work with just a peddle tip-in

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  • 180SD burning a hole through my work with just a peddle tip-in

    hello all,
    thanks in advance for any help you might be able to provide. I'm a newbie and found this forum.

    I have a Syncrowave 180SD older model, but very little usage and worked fine for all my small welding a few years ago. It's been stored in our normal garage.

    setup: max 60 amps, "tig", negative electrode. argon set to 18lb flow, tungsten is 1/16" 2% thoriaded "red" Ground is clamped to the top of the welding table which is a steel/stainless steel type cart that I've welded on before (all of my welding)

    I'm welding a typical 2" 304 stainless exhaust pipe to a header type flange.

    I tap the peddle away from the machine for the post flow. Bring the tip to my work piece and almost instantly when I touch the peddle to start the weld, it will burn a hole immediately through the work. With so few settinges on the machine, I can't imagine anything, but that there's an issue with the machine.

    Anyone have anything else i can check? or insight into what might be wrong?

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    Sorry I don't know the exact cause but it seems to happen on these machines. If I remember correctly it is a board issue that gives you max output only. Try a search on here for some more info.
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      Same machine, same problem. It's likely the connection to the hall effect sensor. Remove the cover and locate the sensor on the top (has a bus bar through it). remove and re-plug the 4 wire connector and try again. This worked for me but now nothing works. Could be any of the connectors too. I haven't used dielectric grease yet but I plan to first before replacing the sensor. If all else fails, swap out the sensor (19141 - $53 at Miller4less). Let me know what happens please.