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Diversion 165 torch cable cover

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  • Diversion 165 torch cable cover

    I opted for the foot peddle, pulled the control cable back and stored it. My question is can I remove the torch cable cover? The reason is I want more, and smoother control at the torch. Does the cover also work as an insulator too the torch cable?

    Lame question I guess, understand that there is current and gas supplied via the torch cable. If the covers only purpose is to provide a way to keep the torch cable and torch control cable together. I wish to remove the cover to get more flexibility at the torch.


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    I'm talking though my hat cause I'm not intimately familiar with your equipment. "Torch Cable Cover" Are you referring to a protective sleeve over the cable? When you say insulator do you mean electrical or thermal? If this is a protective sleeve it is most likely there to protect against physical injury to the cable. It is not normally conductive so yes it is an electrical insulator but is additional to the needs of the system. It probably is not a good thermal conductor so it may be inclined to keep heat in the system which is disadvantageous since the torch has excess heat to dissipate. Removal should increase flexibility but extra care should be taken to preserve the cables integrity as in don't drop nothing on it. If that doesn't confuse you I can try again. Good luck. And if I completely misunderstood what you meant feel free to say so.


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      You have it right, and yes I am talking electrically. Sounds like best practice would be to leave it as is, I am not fond of being zapped.

      Thank you.
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