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Dynasty 300 DX -ac waveform alterations

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  • Dynasty 300 DX -ac waveform alterations

    Hey Andy,
    Is it possible to combine the DC pulser controls with the AC waveshape control when tig welding? That is, set up a pulsed DC signal that would then be chopped by the AC waveshaper. I think I could make some interesting waveforms this way. I wouldn't have a true asymmetric waveform control like the aerowave is capable of, but it would allow for some additional control beyond the basic AC squarewave.

    thanks in advance,

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    With the Micro programing the Dynasty has right now, it is not possible to ad or offset any more DC to the AC like the Aerowave. It would not be of a noticable advantage with the materials we can purchase today. The Aerowave was designed around the Aerospace market and was never intended for general sales. In otherwords, you can do the same thing by reducing time in a polarity as you can by reducing amplitude. The arc does run a little different with the Aerowave but the weld deposit is the same. If you are really intent on getting the "total" variable unit, wait until our new replacement for the Aerowave comes out I'm sure the cost will reflect the added features
    Good question! It shows you are indeed a thinker. Too bad we would need another set of power transistors to vary the DC independantly.