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More advanced documentation for Dynasty welders?

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    Section 5-9 Output control in the manual tells you all of that

    Application: Use Remote Trigger (Stan- dard) when the operator desires to use a foot pedal or finger amperage control (see Section 6-3A).
    . When a foot or finger remote current control is connected to the welding power source, initial amps, initial slope, final slope, and final amps are
    controlled at the remote control, not at the welding power source.
    . If On/Off only type trigger is used, it must be a maintained switch. All Se- quencer functions become active, and must be set by the operator.
    Application: Use Remote Trigger Hold (2T) when long extended welds are made. Remote Trigger Hold (2T) can help to re- duce operator fatigue.
    If a foot or finger current control is con- nected to the welding power source, only
    trigger input is functional (see Section 6-3B).

    Section 5-11 discusses Sequencer function and the first section informs you what happens when you use a remote in standard

    Sequencing is available only while using the TIG process, but is dis- abled if a remote foot or finger cur- rent control is connected to the Re- mote receptacle while in the RMT STD mode. Sequencer parameters cannot be selected if the Stick pro- cess (see Section 5-8) is active.
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      Thanks Broccoli1,

      I had of course read that in section 5-9. However, when I read about the machine being able to configure its parameters based on tungsten diameter I got so enthused that I developed tungsten tunnel vision. I was concentrating on all of the neat TIG start features. I did not think back to an "oh by the way" note tucked at the bottom of another section.

      If I was writing this documentation (and I have written a considerable amount of technical documentation, computer program user manuals, nuclear plant radiation and chemistry protection procedures etc. etc. etc.) I would place a note at the BEGINNING of section 6-2 to the effect:

      Parameter in this section are not applicable if the power source is used in STD RMT mode.

      In that way a user concerned with using the machine manually with a foot pedal would skip over this section and concentrate on other sections which are applicable to the desired use.


      p.s. I re-watched Jody Collier's videos about setting up the Everlast inverter machine. He too seemed a little unsure when he got to the TIG startup parameter knobs when setting up the machine for STD RMT. "Our foot pedal's pretty well gonna bypass this stuff anyway"