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Miller AEAD 200 LE-Oldie but Goodie

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  • Miller AEAD 200 LE-Oldie but Goodie

    I need a gas tank-Part Number 015670,

    Machine S/N JG103842--1986 model

    I called Miller and they want $535.28 with cap. What's wrong with that?

    The tank is about 7.5" square on each end and is about 19" long.

    Anybody got any good ideas?


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    Supposedly you are a welder, just make your own gas tank.

    What's wrong with that???????
    Obviously, I'm just a hack-artist, you shouldn't be listening to anything I say .....


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      No, not a welder, a mechanic helping a welder fix his gear.


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        try smallengine warehouse

        If you can use a simple rectangular tank look up generac generator parts on the smallenginewarehouse website. They often have new 4.5gallon steel tanks that include a cap. Often the outlet has metric threads so get a matching valve from them also.


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          A gas tank and hose for an outboard motor will work too, it just needs to be installed above the level of the carbuerator. You could rig one temporary and then let the weldor fab up the tank he needs since you are not the weldor but mechanic. Or the weldor can fab up a support for the outboard tank to use it permanently.


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            I have the some welder and the tank rusted out and I get a tank at northen tool for the north star stuff and mounted it to the top of it. And now have about 4 gals. of fuel