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  • Xmt 304 cc

    Is ere anyway to convert a CC version to a cc/cv/vs version?

    I have a nice cc version for sale by me. Asking $800. I really want the option of CV for a feeder someday.


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    The only part that would need to be replaced is the front panel board (PC3). Along with that change, it would be helpful to change the front nameplate so that you could see which position you are selecting and know what mode you are in (Stick, TIG, MIG, VS Feeder, etc.)

    PC3 numbers would be #219820, or current board #240577
    Front Nameplate CC/CV #175086

    All of the other parts inside the CC version are the same as the CC/CV unit


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      XMT 304 conversion

      I got a 304 cc out of a scrap yard that was junked. I disconnect the top main board and reinstalled and the unit works great. Would love to have CV option as I have a miller VS feeder I would like to run. Would this board change be a expensive option? And does it work with all 304XMT CC welder a or are there serial number breaks?
      Thank you


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        Current list prices...

        Pc Control Board #240577 - $761.19
        Front Label change #175086 - $74.08

        New XMT304 cc/cv - $4,369.00