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    Hi all,

    Just did a video of us doing some aluminium welding in the shed and was wondering if some of you could give me some feed back as to what we are doing wrong or right and if you think our assumptions are right. We are really new to this.

    HOW TO: Aluminium TIG Welding. A quick guide to setting up and operating a TIG welder to weld together two pieces of RHS aluminium stock. hopes it helps beg...

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    No workie for me....
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      Just before you ground your tungsten it looked like you had contamination on the tungsten, If the contamination is light I will grind as you did, but if its heavy contamination, I break the ball off then grind.


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        I like the "shed".


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          Do you have an inverter based machine? If so I would recommend increasing the AC frequency to 120+ hz to help focus the arc. Having an EN balance in the 68-75% range will help reduce the balling effect on the tungsten electrode. When you grind the tungsten, put a small land or flat spot on the end instead of a perfect point.

          As far as your technique, if you are able follow the recommendations above, decrease the arc length slightly. Whenever the end of the filler material forms a ball before being introduced to the weld puddle there is too much heat. This can come from excessive arc length, excessive torch (push) angle, or insufficient filler material diameter.
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            Well put.