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Old CP-250TS/Millermatic 30A feeder; Worth the effort? (beginner welder)

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  • Old CP-250TS/Millermatic 30A feeder; Worth the effort? (beginner welder)

    Hi there,

    I have an old Miller CP-250-TS with a Millermatic 30A wire feeder. They are actually Canox branded, but made by Miller. We got these thrown in for free with a shop my dad and I bought. It needs work; new cables, a new spool hub, gas setup and likely a new gun. Otherwise everything seems to work. Previous owner used it for his business and said it worked like a champ til copper thieves stole all the cables. We have 3 phase power at the shop.

    I'm a beginner at welding, only having used cheapo 120V MIG welders. I have a few questions; Is it worth spending a few hundred dollars to get this welder working right? Most of the welding I would envision doing would be lighter material and sheet. Would this welder be suitable for that, as well as tinkering and learning?
    or would I be better off selling/scrapping it and saving my money on a newer small MIG welder?

    Thanks sincerely for any help and advise you can offer!

    Devin B

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    The CP-250TS was a nice welder in that the "TS" part stands for Tapped-Slope. This means a slope adjustment setting could be changed inside the welder to better suit to different material types, such as steel vs. stainless steel vs. aluminum. The only limiting factor for some folks is that the CP is a 3-phase only power source. It can't be used on single phase.

    The feeder is an old one. This could be your bigger limiting factor, in that it is not easy to find a MIG gun to fit it. The power pin part of the MIG gun fitting on the feeder is much smaller than the standard Miller power pin size. Tregaskiss used to sell an adapter for this feeder, but I am not sure that they still do.

    Hope that helps!