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What am I up against here?

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  • What am I up against here?

    What am I up against here?

    Purchased a well used Miller Legend gas driven.
    Knowing it has problems. PO let me know it was not generating weld current.
    Serial # KD481281 Stock # 903039

    But it was only $500 bucks. And the engine runs well. Soworst case. I could use the engine on a John Deere garden tractor. And make thegamble pay off.
    But I would prefer to have a Portable welder. As long as thecost of repair parts is reasonable.

    Took the covers off today. Found a few items (visually) thatdo not look right.

    I took a few photos of damage found.
    I knew the bottom of the welder was rusty. But it is worsethan bad.
    And the Laminated Iron core of the Stabilizer & Reactorare falling apart. And there is a small board just hanging in space?

    There appears there was some heat around the DC + outputlug. As the red plastic is discolored. Thinking someone let the welding cablebecome loose in the past.

    Right away I noticed what looks like a damaged Capacitor orDiode?
    I am not sure as it looks like it is split in 2 parts. The 2parts hanging on the ends of white wires is round and black in color. Like 2tiny little hockey pucks.
    One end is wired to the T-1 terminal strip.
    And is connected to the bottom of T-1 E.
    And the other half is connected to a wire leading to theupper spade on CB4 Circuit Breaker auto reset 24Vdc 7A.

    Is this infact an in-line diode? That has split in half?

    I have the Technical Manual TM-428A.
    And in the parts section of the book. On page 79 item # 10 is a diode but is unclearwhere it is connected?

    This machine has 3 Diode looking devices. Hanging in line inthis same area.
    Just not clear what I am dealing with.

    I see D4, D5 & D6 in the drawing Fig 9-12 page 54.
    Am I correct thinking I am dealing with D6 34B(CB4) that isdamaged?

    Am I on the right track? Or all wet?

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    Looks to me like the John Deere is going to get re-powered, but what do I know? If Duanneb and Cruizer get involved here, the situation may change though. Good luck, looks like you have a real mess in there. But don't give up hope just yet.


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      To use in a re-power your going to have to alter the crank snout as welder engines use a long tapered crank.


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        Ok I am still working on this Gas driven

        I went ahead and repaired the rusted out bottom of thewelder.
        Took it apart cut out the entire floor and welded in a newpiece of sheet.
        Looks nice

        The coils in the bottom are Not shorted. And everything isback together now.

        Engine seems to run OK. But surges off the governor. At thelow speed rpm.
        Surging RPM up and down. And the linkage off the governoris cycling with the surge.
        One of my 110V duplex outlets has no power, but the otherdoes?
        And the 220 circuit has now output (checking with a VOM)
        The 110V duplex that does have power reads around 96V duringthe surging RPM.
        But jumps up to over 120 say 126V when I raise the idlespeed a bit.

        Had a bobcat years ago. And when using the Generator on thatunit. The RPM would auto kick up to the high RPM.
        This Ledged seems to generate power at the lower RPM.

        Have not yet tried to weld with the unit. Hopping to get someleads bolted on this weekend.

        Have not given up on her yet


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          would like to thank all who posted with help and support.

          I now have this unit re-assembled and running.
          Replaced the rusted out bottom floor of the welder .
          Replaced all 3 Diodes.
          Repaired both the stabilizer& reactor coils.
          And it welds quite well, Thanks
          I would like to thank all who posted with help and support.

          Now I am looking for the correct color Blue paint .


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            I'd think Miller would donate a pint for your efforts to prove how good their products are;-))
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              See if this helps on paint
              4086 safety blue B54T 104
              this is about as close as you will get to miller blue
              The main thing is not to panic or get excited
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