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What size magnetic ground do I need for a Millermatic 211?

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  • What size magnetic ground do I need for a Millermatic 211?

    I've been looking at magnetic grounding attachments for my new Millermatic as the clamps are inconvenient to use in many of my applications. Forney makes a 200 amp one for $35, while the 300 amp one is $55. Will 200 amps be enough for safe operation or do I need to spend the extra $20?

    Thanks in advance.

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    Do you run at max output all the time? That machine doesn't have a very high duty cycle at max output. I think the 200 amp clamp would be fine for your application.

    I have never used a magnetic ground clamp. Just variations of the old spring clamp. Are they pretty neat?
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      Magnetic clamp

      I will not run this unit at max cycle very often. I like the idea of the magnetic clamp as you can place the ground near the weld in almost any configuration, which I don't think you can do with a regular spring clamp.


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        What size magnetic ground do I need for a Millermatic 211?

        I have a 200amp for my maxstar150 I recommend stepping up. I don't find the magnet to as strong as I want it to be and I have has issues where I will not have it attached 100% and it has gotten VERY HOT. If I was to do it again I would have gone with a 250amp clamp.
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          What size magnetic ground do I need for a Millermatic 211?

          Magnets aren't good, they mess with your weld, ground to table!
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            here's a couple that we used at work.

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              Magnetic Ground

              I have the three hundred magnetic ground. I have had problems with the ground staying on during times. If you weld next to thew ground it causes other problems for you. Really plays with the arc. Large flat areas are it's best use.


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                You should pick the heaviest one, that way when it puts a big fat arc burn on your finished project you can throw it far enough away that it will no longer be in you sight! Biggest pieces of Cr%p ever made!