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Maxstar 152 pulsing limit and penetration depth

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  • Maxstar 152 pulsing limit and penetration depth

    I operate a Miller Maxstar 152 in pulsed regime, by the help of a computer-controlled device. It works fine, good results.

    My question : what is the upper limit of the pulsing frequency of Maxstar 152 without the risk of damage? Some people say 100 Hz.
    I did not find any reference for this in 152's official brochure. Did anyone pushed this machine towards 200-300 Hz?

    Since now I use it mainly at 8-12 Hz or 80-100Hz, Pk/Bg = 3, 35%, gap 0.6-0.7 mm (mechanized weld), He75/Ar25 for Ni Alloys, He90/Ar10 for Al 3003 or reactive alloys.

    I seek for even deeper penetration in some Ni alloys (presently depth/width ratio ranging roughly from 0.20 to 0.35), or at least to maintain the best penetration for all batches of the same alloy.

    Thanks in advance
    C. Truta