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diesel or gas trucks ?

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    i have thought about it and will just stick with mine for a little bit longer and get a newer gas truck. I really dont have a need for a diesel at this time so decided to go with gas. thanks for all the info guys!


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      gas vs diesel

      I have 5 trucks. 2008 f350 4x4 v10 dually. Gets 12 highway, 7 to 8 towing 16k to 20k. Never breaks, highly reliable has very good power, been a great truck. Also have 2 f550 with the 7.3. Very heavy trucks idles all day, they get about 11mpg. Then i have a 2500hd 4x4 with the 6.0 gas this truck can get nearly 15mpg on the highway, 11 city.
      If you are serious about buying a diesel regardless of the brand you buy, if it iis after 2007 they are a nightmare to repair and extremely expensive. Also unless tuned, mileage is barely bettar than gas. I would never buy a diesel unless i was pulling a lot and driving a lot. The newer motors are made to work not idle! Also keep in mind gas is nearly 25 percent cheaper now so the fuel savings are about equal. I would buy a gas.
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        Diesel or gas Truck

        I recently got a 2013 1/2 ton ford 4X4, gas engine. Prior to that I was driving 3/4 ton diesel pickups. The price of the vehicle was not a concern, it was Kalifornia's CARB laws that made me change. I took a trip to Las Vegas and used the new pickup. Gas mileage was over 21 when on the open highway. The ride was much better in the 1/2 ton. I was told the mileage would get better with a little age. Go for the gas rig if your not pulling heavy loads.