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Multimatic vs Passport weight?

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  • Multimatic vs Passport weight?

    In comparing the 2, why the large weight difference between the 2? One would think the Multimatic would weight more because of the extra functions, but 29 vs 43 pounds is quite a big difference, in terms of portability.

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    aluminum cover vs heavy duty plastic shell

    passport also has CO2 bottle inside it and internal/external bottle switch


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      Which one has an Aluminum cover? I thought they both had a Pelican case. Which one would get your vote? I'm leaning more toward the Passport for mainly field work. Hmmmmm..........


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        Oops, I am not use to the multimatic wording yet.

        I would guess at the fact that there is a bottle, internal/external bottle switch/solenoid, and carry case on side of passport.

        You would have to ask miller because I don't see if the weight of the gun/ground is included.


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          Passport Plus is a GREAT Machine.

          I have a Passport Plus and love it. Yes it is 43 Pounds PLUS the wire, so if you add a 12 Pound Spool, it is close to 60 Pounds but very easy to lug around as it has a gas supply internally and does not require an external bottle and supply but you have the option to use it if needed. The case and carrying handle are both very strong, with no sharp edges.

          I wondered about the weight difference too, but the weight of the MultiMatic is the machine alone without the gun or ground cable, connectors, and ground clamp, as they are easilly removed, where the passport is all inclusive as these are usually stored in the side pouch and not normally removed.

          Both machines have their uses. I bought the passport plus a couple of years ago, well before the multimatic, and for steel and aluminum, the passport plus is just great. I have a Lincoln V205T for Tig and Stick, (wish it was a 200 DX or even better a 280 DX) so I am OK with these 2 machines for portability, and have a MillerMatic 252 with a 30A Spoolgun for the shop. Also a GREAT Machine.

          The MultiMatic has a reallly good feature in that you can start with the basic machine for Stick and MIG, and then add a Spool Gun, and TIG Torch later as you need. I hear that it can even support a Wirelles Footpedal if you wish.
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