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How to comapre MIGs

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  • How to comapre MIGs

    I am considering a Millermatic 135 but a friend said that I could just get a lower priced MIG by buying a Sears Craftsman. I like the Miller but are there some points I can use to compare MIGs? The Sears one can weld up to 3/16 mild steel in one pass. Voltage and wire speed is variable. Not sure how thick Aluminium can be welded in one pass. Thanks for any advice

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    Hi Ted, first I would buy a name brand. Two buy as big of a welder as you can afford. Three dont plan on doing to much alum with the standard welder, it can be done, but a spoolgun or a push pull set up would give you alot less trouble.Cheak duty cycles and where you will have to go if there is a problem. Also you will most likely need gas for it, so it would be good to have a friend at the welding store. Just remember cheaper is not always better. Hope some of this helps.Chub


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      I agree with Chub, although some of the smaller Century units give Miller a run for the money. As I stated in your other post, you can get by with the 135, but sooner or later you are going to want to upgrade. The 175 isn't that much more money and a 20amp/220 volt circuit wouldn't be expensive or difficult to install.