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  • Lincoln Censors YouTube Posts

    I watch a lot of YouTube welding videos and I notice that Lincoln censors their posts, at least they do when I post to this one - Tech Tip: Benefits of the InvertecĀ® V205-T

    I'm sure this is a great machine but at over $4000 I don't think this really qualifies as a home hobbyist machine. Especially when you can pick up a Miller Diversion 180 for ~$1850 and get the dual voltage and AC/DC features they have in common.

    So I've been dropping in on this video from time to time and posting this info but it never makes it to the Web page which means they intentionally won't let anyone say anything non-positive about their machines. (Maybe they have on some and I haven't seen it.)

    Kudos to Miller for allowing some comments that don't exactly agree or put a positive spin on everything they do.

    Lincoln is chicken. :-)
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