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  • welding cloths

    I was just wondering what everyone wears to weld in. do you prefer welding jackets or those have shirt sleeves with a apron attached to the bottom of it or even the good ol' wrangler shirts. Just another topic to see what everyone uses. also very bored at the moment lol.

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    FR shirt and pants unless i am outside in the cold then its FR coveralls over them...Bob
    Bob Wright

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      welding cloths
      Leather top jacket with detachable leather bib. Almost like that but detachable bib
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        Welding sock sleeves are the best. Look them up.
        & a welders hockey mask. With a cloth. Welders jacket. Is my preference. In these 30 degree weather.
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          Crocks and shorts if 7018, 6010 ill put boots and jeans on. Bright red thong either way


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            Depends on the job. Just use common sence. After a couple of hot ones you'll know what to wear.


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              welding cloths

              Crocks and shorts ( red thong ) LMFAO


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                wear during welding

                If cool I always use the leather jacket and blue jeans... If hot, flannel shirt instead...

                no welding boots or welding socks. do use cotton socks. umm I got the scars on my feet to show I don't use boots.
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                  Having difficult time locating fr bright green thong


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                    Cotton or other non-synthetic fibers (synthetics melt and catch fire like napalm).


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                      welding cloths

                      Generally, I stay with Carhartt bib coveralls overtop a long sleeve work shirt made of a heavier material. Works great for spinning pipe, repair, or general fab work. Plus you get a lot of pockets this way! When I pull out the air-arc, I throw a leather jacket on overtop


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                        Jeans, boots and leather jacket. When it's 100 degrees I may just wear a long sleeve shirt without jacket.
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                          Depends on where and what process. If it is TIG in my shop (attached to my house) I wear my Tuxedo and a Boutinier or maybe my speedos and sandals or nothing .. If it is Stick welding out on the hill in the cold and wind, it is Carhartts and boots. The key is to fit the clothes to the job and the weather conditions.
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