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  • MIller spectrum 375

    I am looking at getting a miller 375 plasma cutter. Is there any reason why the older versions have a compressor built in while the new ones don't? My guess would be that the compressor was of poor quality etc which is why they abandoned the idea?

    Also how does the miller plasma cutter compare with a hypotherm etc? Are their plasma cutters as good as their welders?

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    MIller spectrum 375

    If it was a 110 v machine the compressor used up extra amps in an already limited 15 amp circuit so your overall cut capacity was reduced.
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      Correct. The little 375 didnt have much cut power to begin with. Add in an on board compressor and the power it took to run the compressor took away more cut power from the already underpowered plasma cutter.
      The miller plasma cutters will cut metal. However, they dont get the reviews or praise of Hypertherm, Thermal Dynamics or Esab plasma cutters in regards to cut performance, cut quality, consumable life and longevity.
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        After some research I recently picked up a thermal dynamics cutmaster 42. It offers dual voltage, decent power, affordable consumables, all for right around 1k. I couldn't justify the price increase for a hypertherm since I don't do fab work for my main income.

        There are tons of threads that discuss plasma cutters, search and you will find tons of good info.


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          The Miller Spectrum 375 was never built with a built in compressor. Even the older Miller Spectrum 300 cutmate didn't have one. Plasma cutters with built in compressors normaly are low amperage machines used for cutting sheet metal. If you plan on cutting anything above 1\8 inch I would not reccomend getting one with a built in compressor.
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