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  • Syncrowave300

    I recently purchased a Miller Syncrowave 300 and I am looking for
    some information on it. Does anyone know of or have any info. I went to the Miller web site, searched but no info. Thanks

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    Info on syncrowave 300

    I found some info on the syncrowave 300, This is an ac/dc 300 amp machine with a 60% duty cycle. You should have a water cooled torch and cooler. This is most of what you need to know and I will keep looking on the internet for more info on this machine. Do you have a water-cooled torch and cooler?



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      I have a Syncrowave 300 and a manual so let me know what you want to know and I can look it up for you.


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        It has a resevoir and I find coolant in and out ports, but
        the torch that came with it is not water cooled. Will it do high frequency tig without water coolant. Also can it be used as a sitck welder.


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          You need an adapter to run the air cooled torch. A welding store should have what you need. To stick weld with it, you need to put an electrode holder and cable on, put the contactor to standard, turn high frequecy off, and current to panel, then you should be in business.


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            The MILLER site has all you need. You can download the entire manual from the site.
            Go to and click on "training". Then click on "manuals" on the right menu. Then select from the drop down menu Syncrowave 300 and press the search button. then download the manual. It's a PDF.



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              Thank you all for the help. You have been very informative. I have
              welded with the welder and it does very good.
              Thanks Eddie