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  • simple Tig question

    Hey how's it going I have a simple question that came up between me and a friend. Dose a foot pedal give you the same amperage control on lift start as it would on Hf-start on a XMT machine.

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    A xmt doesn't have high frequency unless you've added a external high frequency box such as a hf-251. The amperage would be the same.
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      simple Tig question

      The question is about amperage control I am aware there is no Hf on this machine


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        I interpreted the question the same way Showdog75 did. It seemed as if you were comparing the foot control in HF and LA on an XMT.

        The foot control should function the same on LA or HF on any electric machine. I mainly use Miller machines so I can't say much as far as lincoln machines go, but I am sure they work the same.

        If the XMT has auto remote sense, it would for sure be the same.


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          Originally posted by BELLBOYMOTORSPORTS View Post
          The question is about amperage control I am aware there is no Hf on this machine

          So essentially you have asked 'Is amperage control the same on this machine if I use a feature that is has, as well as if I use a feature that it does not have?'


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            simple Tig question

            Ok maybe I worded that poorly. Dose the foot pedal amperage control function properly in lift start Tig welding. High freq. is only mentioned as reference. Or better yet. Can you still use a foot pedal if you don't have HF.


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              Foot control controls amps, regardless of how you start.
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                simple Tig question

                Thanks that's what I was looking for CG