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Owner Owned argon Cylinder!

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  • Owner Owned argon Cylinder!

    My new Dynasty from Cyberweld is in route.

    I purchased an owner owned cylinder (no name on it/ tested until 2014) 330CU cylinder and filled for $250.00 cash from LWS.

    Future refills are $45.00. I think this was a good deal.

    What is everyone else paying for same.

    Also, can I figure at 20cu flow this tank will last me about 16 straight hours?

    Have a Blessed Christmas
    Pray for the Conn. Families, what a devastating Christmas they face!

    God Bless

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    I was told all 330 cf cylinders are gas company owned. Everything smaller is fair game for whoever has it. Just my thoughts...Bob
    Bob Wright


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      I have a 220 cylinder, if I pay cash it costs me 45.oo otherwist it's 60.00.
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        330 is larger than I want to wrestle around when it's time for a fill. I have 125 cu. ft cylinders on all of my rigs except one with an 80. When I run it down, I plan to swap uyp to 125. Your price was good, I paid $200 for my last 125.


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          That is a good price. My 330 refills are $47.
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            330 cylinders

            Just picked up a Shopmaster 300 AC/DC in great condition up in Seattle for $1000. When I got there he said I might as well take both (2) 330 cylinders too, cause they were too big for him to move around and refill!! Not a bad deal all in all. ( that was my Christmas present to myself)

            Happy in Sublimity


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              Owner Owned argon Cylinder!

              Not all large tanks are owned by the "gas" companies. I purchased a 'T' sized argon tank from a cylinder company, and had them put a neck ring that reads "customer owned". I've never had any issues with getting that tank filled.

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                You got a fair deal for the cylinder, I paid $ 27.84 to have my 330cu.ft filled but I spend at least $300.00 a month with my supplier.

                When it comes to buying and leasing cylinders it varies around the country in some areas they tell you that they are not allowed to sell the big cylinders
                ( That they can only be leased ) They tell you that because they want to collect cylinder rent so they only sell the small cylinders.
                I pushed the issue with my supplier and told them I was not going to lease anymore and that I found a place to buy cylinders, I then asked them if they were going to be interested in filling my customer owned cylinders and then they finally agreed to sell me their big ones, That was about 5 years ago so now I'm at the break even point. Cylinders cell for about $ 300.00 a pc. back 5 years ago.


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                  Lucky you in the USA

                  In Canada the only option i know of (exept very small oxy-acet) are on a lease contract only at 100$ ber bottle a year. We are ripped-off.

                  Anybody know of a way to buy and have refilled an owned cylinder in Canada.

                  I dream of an association or union of independent welders to get even with these gaz suppliers that operate as a monopoly against their customers.


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                    I wonder if the "lease only" is only in Quebec. Check with TSC (Tractor Supply) in Cornwall, Ontario. They list tanks for sale in their flyers sometimes. I know manyyears ago one could buy tanks in Quebec (like 60 years ago) but doesn't seem like it now.


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                      I have a bunch of 125 cf but also have a few big ones (2 330s and 1 200ish). They are customer owned tanks but have a ring of the Welding suppliers. In my area, you cant buy a new one this size but you can buy one used from someone else.

                      2 things to know that most don't - What is the difference between an owner tank and a leased tank? A person has a contract and owner doesn't. In my area, a couple big companies bought up the small guys. Air gas will get out a book and look it up and see if its theirs. Although you cant buy a new tank, there are tons of owner tanks on the market and they have no way of knowing since there are no serial numbers recorded on tank swaps. Basically you show up with a tank they will fill it.

                      The other thing is switching your LWS. They "must" give you a blank ring so you can get it swapped at a different location. Its your tank. In many cases they don't get them often so you have to call and have them hold one for you. I did this with my airgas tanks because their prices was too high. The guy just matched the other place and all was good since the Airgas is 10 min from work so its an easy trip on lunch.

                      I know you just get yours filled but around here filling on site is rare. Just giving you options that a lot of folks don't know exist. I hear it is different in other locations. This is the way it is here.

                      The nice thing about 125's are that you can swap them out anywhere regardless of the ring. The big guys are for Argon and O2.


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                        Forgive my ignorance, but is it any better to own your cylinders than to rent them?

                        Any difference in fill prices (rent vs owned)?

                        Don't the tanks have to be inspected (at the customers cost) if you take in your owned tank and it is past the inspection date?

                        The reason I ask is I am scuba certified and have my own scuba equipment and a tank and every 5 years it has to be hydrostatic tested to check (I think) how much the cylinder has stretched. I was told by my instructor when I got cerified that if the tank fails the hydrostatic test that they will scrap it and your left with nothing.

                        I am going to be getting some oxy/acet tanks for my brand new victor journeyman torch set.
                        Not sure to rent or buy tanks?

                        I also have thought about getting a tank (not sure what gas type) for my millermatic 140 since I finally have a shop to put it in next month.
                        Not sure if I should rent or buy a tank for it?
                        I have just been using the FC wire for it so far.

                        I only do welding occasionally when I have projects come up (maybe 1 a month), but I like being able to do things myself to get the quality I want.

                        So these tanks could last a year easily on a fill depending on the size.


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                          Can anyone answer my questions in the post above?



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                            Your question does not have a hard and fast answer.My expirience is that it is cheaper to own cylinders.I have found that if rented I would pay the purchase price in about a year and a half.

                            Price for gas and cyl ownership have no connection(that I have ever seen).You may find that your supplier will give you a break if you rent cyls or they may give a discount if you set up an account and pay would have to ask.
                            There are a lot of opinions on the internet(and I am sure in other places too) that anyone behind a counter selling gas is just waiting to stick a gun in your ribs or has never struck an arc of any kind,I was VERY lucky to build a great friendship with the people that ran the shop I used to use(bought out)....again,you may have to test the waters to see what supplier you want to build a relationship with and it may be more than one.

                            Yes,cylinders have to be retested but most welding suppliers will exchange your cylinder and never even notice it is out of test unless it is obvious....really old,fill tag for a company that is no longer in business etc.
                            If they find you cyl is out of test most shops will exchange and charge you for the re test or if they fill they may re test and fill and charge you.The only reason I could see to scrap a cyl would be arc struck,fire burned or having been ground on(serial # or other identification).

                            This is the world according to me(it is what has worked for me)
                            Hope this helps


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                              Disclosure: I OWN my cylinders. I do not rent and I do not know about renting cylinders.

                              Here is my take on the rent/buy game. I bought my most recent 125cf cylinder for about $200 at my LWS. It costs about $50 to fill it with c25 gas. Argon is about the same fill price. Lets say I am super busy doing projects for myself and customers. I could be filling that 125cf cylinder once a week. Now lets say that job that kept me busy paid me VERY well and I go on vacation for 6 months. During that time I am not using any gas. I am also not paying any kind of rent during that time. (I am also getting rusty as welder by not melting any metal for a long period of time!)

                              You said yourself that your not planning on using it very often. Why pay rent on a cylinder when you aren't using it? Now, that could change VERY quickly. I know that when I first got a welder a couple years ago I suddenly had a whole bunch of projects that just came out of no where.

                              You also wanted to know about hydrotest dates. I think the cylinders are rated for 5-years of service from the stamped hydrotest date. It has been my experience that the LWS does not check this date and will accept an out-of-date cylinder in exchange for an up to date test date with no questions asked. THIS IS NOT ALWAYS THE CASE, but in the smaller, laid back communities I work in the Intermountain West area it holds true. Take that with a grain of salt. It really helps all this to establish a relationship with your LWS. They know me by name here. It is pretty nice. Occasionally I balk at a price and they work with me.

                              So lets boil this all down: Go buy a 125cf or so c25 shielding gas cylinder for your little mig. Then go buy an acetylene tank that holds 110cf or bigger. Depending on if you are going to focus on cutting/welding/heating with the oxy/acetylene rig you should size the oxygen accordingly. This is not cheap up front, prepare to spend $600+ on these 3 cylinders.
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