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  • ALUMA FEED-tarded

    OK Miller I know you won't like to hear this and/or some/many/most or all of you will read this and simply assume I'm just another run of the mill dumb dumb welder who doesn't know how to set a machine or bother to read a manual... BUT I have welded aluminum, MIG and TIG, from 3mm (1/8") to 50 mm (2"), plate, extruded, 5000 series, 4000 series, you name it, 50+ hours a week for years, using Miller equipment almost exclusively.

    For MIG welding I have logged thousands of hours using the combination of the XMT 304 power source with the XR Control feeder box with XR a guns and whips. As longs as I had good gas, clean rollers and liners I could grab any one of the dozens of those setups and know EXACTLY what weld I would get EVERY SINGLE TIME. For example, 24 volts and 400 in/min was going to give me the same bead from machine to machine to machine.

    HOLY WTF is with these ALUMA PRO things?! these machines are crazy. First off why does the whip have to weigh like 30 more lbs than the old ones? I think the heat control near the gun is great but did it really require making the whip that much more cumbersome? Seriously it's ridiculous. Besides that, the whip dials WILL NOT stay put - the voltage and the wire speed dials on the gun - OMG set the gun down less than gently and the next time you pick it up you may have changed voltage 2 volts and moved more than 100 in/min on wire speed.

    OK and all the digital BS menu settings you have to go through and set - really? why? induction, wire size, gas and YADDA, YADDA, YADDA - look I DON'T need some stupid micro chip doing stupid sh&* - when I set the voltage and wire speed - THAT'S ALL I NEED IT TO DO - that's it, just give me that.

    I went through a 2 hour session with the Miller reps, at my place of employment, on how to properly set these Aluma feed machines to run CV and pulse, and I am telling you these aluma feed machines act fu**ing RETARDED! I am not alone in my opinion. The overwhelming majority of the top welders where I work refuse to use them for anything subject to ultra sound or xray because they are so inconsistent. they act like there's a ghost in the machine and it drives us nuts.

    Again I have a feeling that what I have expressed here may well go unnoticed or disregarded but I hope not because I love the following features of the Aluma boxes - dual read outs for both voltage and wire speed, remote adjustment at the feeder box always, and the voltage adjustment at the gun is really nice, but those are the only improvements you needed to make on the XRControl feeders - all the other microprocessed stuff you could have kept.

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    Good news.

    Miller took note and came out with the Millermatic350P-Aluminum for us.
    Nothing welded, Nothing gained

    Miller Dynasty700DX
    3 ea. Miller Dynasty350DX
    Miller Dynasty200DX
    ThermalArc 400 GTSW
    MillerMatic200 with spoolgun
    Lincoln SP-170T
    Linde UCC305 (sold 2011)
    Hypertherm 1250
    Hypertherm 800
    PlasmaCam CNC cutter
    Fadal Toolroom CNC Mill
    SiberHegner CNC Mill
    2 ea. Bridgeport
    LeBlond 15" Lathe
    Haberle 18" Cold Saw
    Doringer 14" Cold Saw
    6 foot x 12 foot Mojave granite