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    Hi Andy, I know you have talked about it before, but I was just wandering if both were available ceriated and Lanthanaited, which would you choose for the Dynasty. I was reading in the tig handbook they sent with the machine it looks like there is three different types of Lanthanaited, black,gold,blue if you tell me to go with Lanthanatied which band? I think it has to do with the %of lanthana.I also asked some other questions on my last post if you have time. I really appriciate you giving us your oppinion thanks, Chub

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    I would try the Ceriated first. It usually is a little cheaper than the Lanthanated. For most peoples applications, the Ceriated is just fine. All the Lanthanated tungstens run well with the 1% (black) being my favorite. The 1.5%(gold runs well also but the end doesn't stay as nice as the black but the gold does handle higher currents. The black will ball ever so slightly while the gold will stay pointed longer but the end will "frey" slightly over use. You may have to adjust the start current and time for different types of tungsten. It is a hidden menu screen and is is outlined in your manual.
    Keep your balance % above 70 if you can with 75 being a standard starting spot. The lower you go on balance, the faster your tungsten will erode.
    Pick a frequency that matches the joint. Tight narrow joints will require higher freq settings. Average freq settings are around 95-125 for most work but you can run it where you feel comfortable.

    Good luck and have fun!