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    Hi Andy,after a year and a half of thinking and saving I finally ordered my Dynasty300dx tigrunner with torch. The reason for the question is that when you get the package with the torch it comes with an accessory kit with some assorted tungstens. When I asked the rep where I ordered the machine hetold me he thought they were 2% thoriated tungstens. After reading your posts it seems like you dont consider thoriated to be very good with the Dynasty. I guess I would like to know why they would send them with the Dynasty if they are not the choice for the machine. I guess if this is true I will have to buy some additional tungstens. What would you recommend mostly for very thin alum. Also do you know of a place where I can get just a few and not a ten pack? Thanks for all your help Chub

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    Chub, if you just bought a Dynasty 300, you can surely splurge on a 10-pack of eletrodes.


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      Good purchase!
      You'll love it. I got rid of all my Syncrowaves and got Dynastys as well.
      The tungsten it comes with is 2%thor. The torch kit is a standard watercooled accy kit we supply with any of the tigrunner packages including the Syncrowaves. And because the Dynasty will still run on the 2%thor tungsten and the 2% is cheaper than the Ceriated or Lanthanated it was standardized in all the torch kits. Plus it keeps Miller from having more stocking items in inventory.

      Remember to get yourself some good TIG coolant. Don't use tap water in the cooler. It will take 3 gal. You could use one or two gallons of coolant and distilled water if you wish but it reduces the freeze protection.

      Good luck and have fun!



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        Well I got it home friday' I have been playing with it alot.Two words for it, too cool. I love it, it is so much different than my econtig I bought in 1993.I used the pulser on some s/s it worked so well it was almost impossible to make a bad weld. When would I use the pulser for alum? I tried it a little but it didnt seem to make to much difference. If I were to weld something real thin like soda cans how would i set up the machine 1/16 inch tugsten,pulser,ect? It was very easy to weld alum as you say it is almost like steel. I tried to weld some 1/4inch alum and my tungsten 3/32 seemed to distort is this common? I switched to the 1/8 and it did great. I still have to get some Lanthenatied tungsten, although I was impressed with how good the thoriated did. I read the manual and it had a few setups for the machine, one s/s, one alu, one stick. Is there a place to get alot more settings with a larger variety of materials and thicknesses? I was very surprised how easy it is to setup, at first it looks sort of complicated but it actually is so easy. Thanks for any responses to these questions. Chub


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          TIG settings

          Chub, you can get a nice TIG calculator from Miller for $1.50. Stick, MIG and TIG runs $4.50 plus shipping and comes in a plastic case. Might be able to talk your dealer out of a freebie!

          BTW, send me the Econotig and I'll re-imburse you the shipping!


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            Thanks, I do have all the caculators, they are handy but dont have the info I am after. I thought Andy may be able to shed some light as to when to use the pulsing feature on the Dynasty for aluminium.The machine came with a very informative book which is great it is Millers tig handbook. It goes over almost everything.As for the econotig I sold it 6 months ago. Sorry, Chub


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              Some people use the pulser for a timer to add filler and get even, consistant weld beads.
              example: Pulse freq- .8, Pulse width- 60%, Pulse bkrd- 30%

              When ever the machine pulses high, the operator adds filler. When it goes low, the operator moves the torch. This also reduces the total heat to the piece for doing some thinner type material.

              A higher pulse (in the hundreds) will help adgitate the weld puddle giving a better grain structure and floating impurities to the surface.

              In SS, this higher pulse almost makes it look like a machine weld.

              As far as the 1/4 inch. Your 3/32 tungsten should work. Make sure your balance wasn't below 75%. I do Alum Heads with 3/32 just fine as long as my balance is up. Using a 1/8 tungsten is no problem either.

              Have fun with your toy.