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Looking to buy an Arc/Tig welder for my shop

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    CST 280 and Dynasty 200 DX for stick.

    I got a CST in July this year, used. Paid $650 for it. Took the top cover off blew it out, it looked like new. And the stuff inside the machine is impressive, very well made. I checked the serial # with Miller and discovered the machine was only FIVE MONTHS OLD.
    It is a superb stick welder, I got it because I did not want to use my 200 DX for stick all of the time. The 200 DX is also a superb stick welder, I had problems with rods sticking and starting at first but someone on here told me about changing the starting method on the front panel and oh boy, it is superb now.
    No idea how it Tig's but if Miller says it will, it will.


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      Of the welders you mentioned I only have experience with Dynasty 200 and the Precision TIG(although it was a 375 Precision TIG). IMO both have their ups and downs. They are both solid welders. I thought the Precision TIG was a little smoother on AC than the Miller, although consumables do come into play when you start talking about machine charachteristics. I like the miller for Stick and the Lincoln for TIG(Keep in mind I'm refering to a 375 Precision TIG w/watercooler). I would also check into the Miller Synchrowave 200 if I were you. Let me know what you decide.


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        ''My wife really won't want to hear "I need 2 machines this christmas" since she's actually buying it for me.''

        GOT IT ! Buy HER one for Christmas too. I never deprive my wife anything "I"
        want !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! MERRY CHRISTMAS