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Wire feeder wiring question Model S-64

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  • Wire feeder wiring question Model S-64

    Okay I have a model S-64 wire feeder and have a couple questions on the wiring inside. This one has an interface board and tach board. First off on the diagram it shows PLG1 is supposed to connect to PC1 on the motor board. Problem is I have 2 PLG1's one has a purple stripe. Then it shows PLG2 goes to PC2 on the motor board. Problem is it says PLG2 also goes to RC54 on the Tach board. Currently we had PLG54 plugged into PC54. Looks like PLG54 comes from the interface board. We had PLG52 plugged into RC2 on the motor board. Plg52 comes from the Tach board and PLG2 was disconnected.

    Any ideas?

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    Usually PLG#54 from the Interface Board plugs into the RC#54 on the Tach Board. Then the PLG#52 of the Tach Board plugs into the RC#2 of the PC1 Motor Board. RC#1 of the Motor Board would have the jumper plug in it unless there is another option such as Preflow/Postflow or Trigger Hold.


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      Thanks, looks like it should be all good. Now if I can just figure out why the wire feed speed intermittently slows to a crawl. I'll be all set.


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        The 60 series feeder can get complex quickly depending on which options are installed. In this case you have the Tachometer Board. This board takes the wire feed speed command from the WFS potentiometer and does compare this to the tachometer feedback from the movement of the motor and then sends the actual wire feed speed command into the motor board. So, the command from the WFS potentiometer may not match the same DC voltage input into the motor board. So the first thing to measure would be the command signals. If the Tachometer Board has an issue, it could be incorrectly sending the wrong signal to the motor board and incorrectly changing your wire feed speed.

        The other thing to keep in mind is if you are not striking an arc. If you don't start an arc, most of the Miller feeders will go into a "jog" speed and this can be noticable different than the wire feed speed set to weld with.


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          Well I tried swapping out the tach converter board with no success.So either they were both bad or not the problem. I cleaned the tach and disc on the board inside the motor cover. It didn't seem dirty but I thought it would be worth a shot.I was then able to make about 30 welds without issue. Not saying that it was the fix yet, I have seen it do this before. Fingers crossed.