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  • mm250x

    Hi Andy, I was using my 250x for a project on 1/4 mild steel the settings on the inside cover of the machine call for 20v 260wirespeed on these settings Iam getting a high crown on the beads and it is not blending into the sides of the basemetal like I would like to see. On my mm calculator the settings are somewhat different. I think something like 22-22 volts and wiresped 300+ Just wandering if you or anyone ever used this machine for 1/4 and what there settings were. I have got everything from reduce my wirespeed by 10% to increase voltage to 24 and wirespeed to 350. I am willing to try all these things to improve the bead profile. But I would also appreciate your opinion on this matter.Thanks for any tips Chub380

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    What size and type wire are you using? It will be something like (ER70-S6) and should be printed on the spool somewhere.
    The MM calculator setting are a little hot. They are more production settings on an industrial machine. Drop down one or two material thickness settings and try again.