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need help carbon air arc gouging...

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  • need help carbon air arc gouging...

    Im new to this forum sorry if i posted in the wrong area. I recently just bought a miller bobcat 250nt with only 25 hours on it, 200 feet of cable, a Hobart suitcase wire feeder flux core only. And a ton of welding rods and spools of wire i got the whole setup for 1800 and felt like i stole it.... so my question is.. what do i need to set this machine up for carbon air arc gouging and what is a good setup for reasonable money it will not be used 40 hrs a week but i do want a capable setup. I also already have a portable compressor too. If anyone has a uses setup let me know
    I am also looking for a better suitcase wire feeder that i can run gas. Thanks matt

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    A K2000 (built by Victor) would be the size I recommend, if I was to use that machine. I would not try to do a lot at one time with it though. That machine is towards the small end of the spectrum for that process but it can be done. You just have to be patient and take it easy.


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      i have an air arc, i have owned and used it for many years, a good tool to have, just be aware of the shooting sparks


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        Welcome to the forum.

        Arcair K2000 is a good choice or similar. 3/16" cac rods, machine set at about 225 amps dc+ (about 90%). I was always told it is not good to run a machine at 100% when gouging. Good air supply, ear plugs & watch where the sparks are going. I have an IR wheelbarrow type compressor & it just keeps up for gouging cracks etc with a K2000 torch. I'm not doing any major gouging with it, if I was I would a larger air supply & a bigger welder.
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          need help carbon air arc gouging...

          Yep u stole it, wish I could find those deals!!
          All u need is a torch, rods, & air supply.
          I used a bobcat 225 but was just not enough amps for 3/16 rods.
          250 will be maxed out but will work.
          Also u can buy 1/8 rods that will help, should work fine with them.


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            As mentioned a k200 torch and 3/16 rods. That machine will self destruct if you push it with the gouging. Small machines like that are hard to gouge with as they do not have the power to remove the material completly and you end up with carbon residue in the kerf and the small machines will not get under it to blow it out of the way.


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              Thanks for all the input it realy helped me out