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dynasty 200 thickness! ahhhh

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  • dynasty 200 thickness! ahhhh

    hey andy or anybody else just to get an idea of what the pros use to weld... what do u run for welding your cars ect. and what is the max thickness im lookin at for the dynasty200? thanks for your help andy recently, and chub.

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    Most of my NASCAR teams have been switching to Dynastys. They love the portability and arc enhancments over a regular squarewave machine. There are a couple of additional controls(freq, balance) that take a little practice to get down but after that, it's clear sailing. There are always a few people who don't like change. For them the Syncrowave will always be there. As far as thickness goes, anything you have on that race car can be welded with the Dynasty 200. If you already have Syncrowave experience and choose to try the Dynasty, you won't ever go back. Plus they are very power friendly and pay for themselves in the power savings over other Squarewave units. A Sync 250 will pull nearly a 100Amps from the wall where my Dynasty is plugged into a standard 30-50Amp Mig welder outlet!

    Hope this helps.